Has this happened to you?


It is a fact that small event organisers are having difficulty finding event medical cover suppliers who are prepared to quickly agree to provide a service at reasonable prices.

The process which voluntary societies use can be long-winded and event organisers are often asked to complete lengthy and complicated application forms only to find that several weeks later, the answer is "no - we can't cover your event".


The office you are dealing with is probably nowhere near your location.  Gone are the days when you could contact your local division or unit for help at the village fete.  You might now be directed to a central hub in Manchester for example.


That hub collates your information, forwards it to any local unit(s) and waits for an answer from the unpaid volunteers - this can take many weeks.  All too often, the answer is "sorry, we don't have enough volunteers", or at worst we are now hearing from some local organisations that the volunteers simply do not turn up!


Linked with the fact that many volunteer first-aiders are reluctant to commit themselves to cover events a few months in advance, you can see, as an event organiser, why you've got a problem.  You want to know quickly whether your event can be covered and how much it will cost.  You do not want to be told with three weeks to go that volunteers cannot be found!

How can we make a difference?


We will quickly:

  • deal with your enquiry

  • calculate the resource requirements for your events

  • let you know if we can find a resource for you

  • let you know if we are unable to provide cover for you

    • if we can't cover your event, we will do our utmost to help you find an alternative free of charge

  • never contact you at the last minute to say we can't find staff

  • NEVER LET YOU DOWN (unless an 'act of God' prevents us from attending).

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